Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Mushroom Madness

We have so many new mushrooms!
Rainbow Florida Ricordea
Lavender Florida Ricordea
Our divers found a treasure trove of mushrooms around the new year, and we've been cultivating them in our tanks. Can you believe the colors on the Rainbow Florida Ricordea? Oranges, greens, blues, even purples! Speaking of purples, we got a bunch of new Lavender Florida Ricordea in, as well. Sometimes it can be tough to tell the difference between the Lavender Ricordeas and the Blue Ricordeas. All of the Florida Ricordea are the same species, and the colors are really more of a spectrum. These leaves us in a predicament at times: is it more blue or is it more purple? Is it more green, or is it a rainbow? This is where lighting really comes into play. You've got to look at your corals under the aquarium lighting in which they will regularly reside, or you'll have a tough time identifying any of your stunning colors. So on occasion, we have to override our light timers to get a look at the coloration. With the right lighting, the difference between the Lavender Ricordea and the Blue Ricordea is like night and day.

We also got some new Actinodiscus mushrooms in that we're gradually releasing from quarantine. The Cheetah Mushroom, named for, well, the obvious:
Cheetah Mushroom

Actual Cheetah
And a bunch of others that we're keeping under wraps until they're officially released on the site. The colors are spectacular. Makes you want to get a whole tank of nothing but Mushrooms.

...Hey, anyone else suddenly want mushroom pizza?

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