Friday, December 21, 2012

Feeding Frenzy

It's a beautiful morning at Aquatic Connection Live! Miss Mary is hand-feeding our baby banded cat sharks some fresh squid. And apparently Lou missed breakfast because he keeps trying to steal the squid.
That's a bad Lou. Stop that.
Miss Mary feeds our sharks, eels, and team members several times a week, helping them stay healthy and somewhat accustomed to human interaction. Baby banded cat sharks cannot open their tiny mouths very wide, so the food needs to be cut up fairly small. Pieces that are too big will be spat back up or just ignored completely. It's common for newborns to resist eating at first, occasionally resisting to the point of fatal starvation, so the attentive hand feeding performed by Miss Mary helps to make sure all of our little banded babies get off to a good start.

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